Our extensive selection includes traditional steel, wooden gates as well as our bespoke aluminium maintenance free finish gates available in faux wood.

Automated Swing Gates

Automated Swing Underground Gates

  • Hidden from sight for a better aesthetic
  • Self-locking electromechanical operators
  • Standard or fast speed
  • Water-proof operator
  • Reduction unit submerged in oil bath to assure long life
  • Reliable and strong reduction unit with all mechanical components made of stainless steel
  • Hot dipped galvanized or stainless-steel foundation boxes
  • Adjustable mechanical stops
  • Strong and fast indoor and outdoor unlock device

Automated Swing Hydraulic Gate

  • Surface mounting
  • Self-locking or reversible electromechanical operators
  • Anti-Crush Encoders
  • Strong articulated galvanized steel anti-shearing arm
  • Unlocking device by means of a personalized key
  • Equipped with limit switches in opening and closing
  • Almost silent in operation
  • Will hold a closed panel gate more firmly in a windy area

Aluminium Finish Gates

  • Durable, lightweight but strong and sturdy
  • Available in a range of modern and traditional designs
  • Powder coat finish that is virtually maintenance free
  • It doesn’t weather, corrode or warp, unlike Wooden Gates this will not require repainting or re-varnishing
  • Available in swing or sliding Automation

Automated Sliding Gates

  • Surface mounted
  • Intensive use
  • Operate on a glide-track set into the ground
  • Galvanized or nylon rack
  • Opening/closing speed 10m per minute
  • Speed adjust during opening and closing
  • Built in control board
  • Anti-crush encoder safety device
  • Fast and easy unlock device with customized key

Automated Cantilever Gates

  • Cantilever sliding gates are suitable for areas where operational safety and security have priority
  • No ground track is required for cantilever gates
  • The complete roll system is integrated in the under beam which guarantees an extreme security of functioning and safety
  • Cantilever sliding gates are approx 1/3 longer than tracked gates – the extra length acts as a counterbalance to allow the gate to the gate slide back and forward
  • The gate is supported during the entire opening / closing cycle by roller wheels within the bottom beam/profile
  • The topside guiding roller wheels are protected from weather inside the top profile
  • There is a slam post assembly at one end and stops at the other end
  • The gate is held upright by a guide rail and roller located in the guide post

Rapid Roller Doors

  • Impact resistant door curtain design.
  • Unique safety system.
  • New type semi rigid Side Guides.
  • Crash out and reinsertion technology.
  • Safety Edge
  • Safety photo cells.
  • Flashing beacons and safety signage.
  • Vision panel (optional).

Sectional Doors

  • These doors are supplied and fitted as full door with standard coloured skin panels.
  • All panels and side guides complete with rubber seals, all tracks and shafts galvanized steel finish.
  • All our doors are provided with spring and cable break devices for maximum safety. Larger doors will have wind bars for door protection.
  • Panels come 40mm thick as standard.
  • External skin finished from our range of standard colours, internal skin stucco embossed finished in white polyester RAL 9010, film protected external and internal face, insulated CFC free door panels with polyurethane core. Dimensions 610 x 40mm giving âUâ value of 0.60 W/m2K, EPDM 2mm thick weather proof seals top and bottom.
  • 3 phase or single phase motors with hand chain for override facility.
  • Range of control options available.
  • Open/close and stop available as well as rocker switch or key switch operation available.

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Roller Shutters / Fire Roller Shutters

  • Shutter curtains are constructed from continuous interlocking 75mm galvanised steel laths and are securely held in place by either nylon or steel end locks.
  • Bottom rails are generally constructed of formed aluminium or galvanised steel.
  • Vertical guides are formed from rolled galvanised steel and supplied with galvanised fixing angles applicable for securing to structure.
  • Galvanised steel plate of appropriate thickness relative to the door size and supplied with galvanised fixing angles applicable for securing to structure.
  • The barrel is constructed from seamless steel tube of adequate diameter to resist deflection.
  • Cowl and facia are constructed of galvanised steel sheets and the gauge is applicable to the height and width of the roller shutter.
  • Generally galvanised with non-galvanised parts prime painted. Steel laths are available in.
  • HP200 Plastisol finishes in a range of colours.
  • Polyester powder coated in a range of BS/RAL colours.
  • 240V single phase tube motor or 3 phase industrial motor both with adjustable stop limits at the end of each travel direction.
  • External Key Switch or Paddle Switch.
  • Remote control transmitter/ receiver.
  • Device used to provide a backup power supply should there be a mains power failure that will allow a limited amount of operations.

Automatic Doors

  • Offered in a 4-panel door leaf configuration, designed to fold-in or fold-out depending on your traffic patterns and design requirements.
  • With the ability to operate within limited space the Folding Door is ideal in situations where space is at a premium, therefore permitting a large clear opening in the smallest of entrances whilst the high performance motor ensures the doors open smoothly and safely.

Bi-Parting Door

  • Available for a range of configurations, our systems are whisper quiet, highly durable and very efficient.
  • Using intelligent controllers to provide variable operating parameters
  • Our door systems will provide absolutely trouble free solutions to your sliding door automation needs.

Traffic Barriers

  • 100% duty rating and operating time of 5 – 7 seconds.
  • Enclosures come in powder painted RAL finish.
  • Ideal for perimeter security with capacity to operate up to 500 cycles per hour.
  • Designed with maximum safety and includes auto reverse function.
  • Available of boom length up to 5 metres

Railing & Bollards

Fingal Engineering can manufacture Be-Spoke Railing to suit your requirements.

Access Control

Accessories such as Key pads, intercom systems and access control equipment can also be installed by our experienced team of engineers to provide extra security. Our range of products includes:

GSM Web Based

  • The GSM Web Base Controller is a remote control device, and mainly used on Commercial sites, as the access control feature for up to 250 users.
  • Mobiles number entered onto a Web Based Whitelist so you can have control of who uses the gates.
  • The caller calls the number of a SIM card installed within the controller.
  • The gate is programmed to recognize their number, as an authorized user, the gate will open.
  • If the Controller does not recognize the caller’s number the gate will not open and rejects the caller.

GSM Easygate Kit

  • The GSM Controller is a remote control device, which is easy to install by one of our engineers.
  • You call the number of a SIM card installed within the controller.
  • The gate is programmed to recognize your number, as an authorized user, the gate will open.
  • If the Controller does not recognize the caller’s number the gate will not open and rejects the caller.
  • You can remotely control your gates via your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

GSM with Intercom

  • This system comes with all the functions of the GSM Easygate Kit with the added function that the system can be programmed with up to 3 different telephone numbers should you wish, ringing the priority programmed telephone number first, and if no one answer then it will divert ringing the second number then the third person.

Act5 Key Pad

Installation of the Act5 Key Pad will bring your new installation added security as you will be able to programme your own 4 digit security number to access your gates, as well as enabling visitors to enter your property using a release button inside your home.

Additional Services

Call outs for Residential & Commercial Installations

We can call out to you and carry out general service on all types of gate operating equipment whether you originally purchased these automation product through us or not. This call out service is fully supported by experienced and qualified staff that can help provide to resolve and or repair your issue.

Preventive Maintenance Service Contracts

We also offer preventive maintenance services to ensure your new installation or existing gates are kept in peak condition. This full service can be scheduled in once or twice a year or for quarterly visits. This helps to maintain your gates and prevent any future issues arising, ensuring your automatic equipment is in good, safe working order. Many of our clients take up this offer and have their gates serviced on a regular basis as our vast experience across a variety of gates enables us to service most remote control gate systems.

Installation of Solar Power System

We provide a high-quality solar power installation system suitable for both residential homes and commercial sites. This is a straightforward, hassle-free installation with no power necessary and minimal visual impact.

General Fabrications

Fingal Engineering are also able to manufacture parts for customers independent from our main product line. We are able to construct parts for small projects or larger undertakings e.g. those requiring structural steel.

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